Animal Travels: Canada

For this weeks Animal Travels, I’m going to explore the wildlife of Canada. Now Canada is a huge country and so getting every single species will be a next to impossible job so I’m going to pick some top Canada species and discuss where you can find them.

First up has got to be the Moose, Canada’s most famous animal. Unknown.jpegThe moose is an extremely large animal, and is definitely not to be tangled with. Moose can be found pretty much all over Canada but at Jasper National Park in Alberta is one of the best viewing locations for moose in the wild.

Next on the wildlife of Canada list is the Mountain Lion or Cougar.mountain-lion-on-snowy-rock Mountain Lions are best viewed on Vancouver Island and probably safest from a distance because even though they may look cute and cuddly they are carnivores.

In Churchill, Manitoba there is a viewing opportunity for two different popular species, but I’d wrap up warm as Churchill is definitely part of the Arctic. Up in Churchill you can see the canaries of the sea, Beluga whales, known as canaries due to their high pitched communication. Unknown-1.jpegAnother animal that you can see plenty of in Churchill are Polar Bears, which are significantly more dangerous than Churchill’s other famous residents. Unknown-2.jpegPolar Bears are in desperate need of conservation help in order to save them from extinction so please if you do want to go and see Polar Bears in the wild, go to a reputable tour company who will be donating some of their proceeds to the protection of the polar bears in the wild.

If bears are your thing you can also head to Gribbell Island and look for Spirit Bears. spirit-bear-on-rock2-1Spirit Bears are actually Kermode Bears which are a rare subspecies of the American Black Bear, and are particularly prominent in the folk stories and legends of Canada.

And to round of the Animal Travels: Canada post, its time to talk about the marine life of Canada. Canada is famous for its harp seals and also the Killer Whales that inhabit its waters. Unknown-3.jpegKiller Whales are best viewed around Vancouver and British Columbia, but perhaps the best viewing you will ever have is at the Gwaii Haanas Marine Conservation Area Reserve.

Harp seals however, are best viewed in Quebec specifically at Iles-de-la-Madeleine. North-Harp-Seal-Watch-1-ice-seal

If anyone is heading to Canada send me a message at or leave me a comment below and I can help provide you will tips or we can just gush over the cuteness of animals together.


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3 thoughts on “Animal Travels: Canada

  1. Nice Little article, I was interested since I have been living on and exploring Vancouver Island. Its incredible as is all of Canada’s wildlife! Have not come across mountain Lions yet haha, keep it up.


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