UK Pet Friendly Holidays: Lake District


With over 2,000 km² of open space and fields the Lake District is a perfect place for any pooches who love to wander. There’s plenty of activities for adults, kids and pets in the Lake District so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a nice escape to the country.


The Lake District in the North of the England so the weather can never be guaranteed. But even if the weather is a bit depressing, there are still plenty of quaint British pubs to enjoy a lunch out with your family and furry friends with both plenty of indoor and outdoor eating areas that are dog friendly.

lake-district-walk-ALAMY-TRAVEL-xlargeThere are plenty of dog and pet friendly hotels, camping and even glamping sites located in the Lake District so you’ll never be short of a nice place to stay with your furry best friend. Perhaps the best thing about the Lake District is the breathtaking views that you’ll remember for a lifetime, and if you are budding photographer or birdwatcher then there is probably no better location to follow these passions.


Also, for all us Brits who have never seen our island’s resident Red Squirrel, the Lake District is one of the best places to witness these animals still surviving in the wild (although maybe keep your dog away from them).

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