Dog Breeds 101: American Bulldog

Unknown-2.jpegThe American Bulldog is a large breed dog that falls into the category of Guardian Dog. American Bulldogs clock in at between 60 and 120 pounds and 20 to 28 inches tall, with a lifespan of between 10-16 years.

Unknown.jpegAmerican Bulldogs have an excellent and calm temperament and are brilliant with children. They are mainly considered a giant lap dog. They do however need a lot of training by a confident and strong trainer in order to contain their mischievous side. American Bulldogs are also another breed that will need a lot of exercise, however; be careful not to overwork them at too young of an age as they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.

Unknown-1.jpegHealthwise American Bulls are considered to be an overall healthy breed. They are prone to some genetic disorders that are common to the breed such as cherry eye, hip and elbow dysplasia and bone cancer. However, the right care and diet can help to drastically reduce the chances of any of these disorders ever occurring.

images.jpegThere are two different lines of American Bulldog, both with similar temperaments and health, just with slightly differing builds. The Johnson’s line is a lot more of an athletic build whereas the Hines’ line is a lot stockier and much more muscular.


All in all the American Bulldog is a great family dog as long as the training is firm and consistent as they are known to try and push the boundaries of what they’ve been taught.

If you need any training tips or further information don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll happily answer any queries you may have.


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