My Top 5 Wildlife Charities

For this special post I’m going to talk about my 5 favourite animal charities in the hopes that some people that read my blog might end up following the missions of these charities and together help out as many animals in need as possible.

  1. Project AWARE
    mT7uAQAf.jpgFormed in 1989 as an environmental initiative by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Their aim was to increase environmental awareness. Project AWARE is most famous for its Shark and Ray project and its Dive Against Debris project.
  2. The main campaigns that Project AWARE is currently running are Divers4Makos which aims to end uncontrolled Mako shark fishing. You can sign the campaign here. They are also currently running the Dive Against Debris project. This project allows you to use your phone to take actions for a clean ocean. You can report debris in the ocean via the Dive Against Debris app.
  3. You can visit the Project AWARE store here or you can also donate to Project Aware here.
  4. Tusk Trust
    tusk-logo-without-web.jpegTusk Trust was formed in 1990 and supports more than 60 field projects in 19 African countries. Tusk Trust also has a Royal Patron in HRH Prince William who supports the mission and values of Tusk Trust. This charity is currently involved with 46 different projects such as the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project and the Mali Elephant Project.
  5. Visit the shop or click here to make a donation.
  6. Panthera
    panthera_logoThis foundation is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species. Their current projects include: Tigers Forever, Project Leonardo, Jaguar Corridor Initiative, Snow Leopard Program, Project Pardus, Puma Program and the Cheetah Program.
  7. You can donate to Panthera here.
  8. Born Free Foundation
    af257e01-857d-4e7d-ad45-bab502f57dd2The Born Free Foundation was founded in 1984 and aims for the protection of many species. Their mission statement is ‘Keep wildlife in the wild’ and their vision is to make sure all animals, whether free or captive, are treated with compassion and respect.
  9. Visit the shop or click here to make a donation.
  10. Worldwide Veterinary Service
    UnknownWVS was founded in 2003 with the aim to treat animals in places where no one else can. In an average year the WVS will treat over 150k animals worldwide, deploy over 100 teams, support over 250 charities and also train over 500 vets.
  11. You can visit the store or you can donate to WVS here.

All of these charities do some amazing work and all of them need donations or volunteers, so if you could share this post to get their work spread further among the wildlife community to ensure they are all getting the support they need.


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