Dog Breeds 101: St Bernard

Everybody loved Beethoven so this instalment of Dog Breeds 101 will explore the breed behind the lovable character!

90.jpegThe St Bernard is classed by the Kennel Club as a Working Dog weighing in between 64-120kg and reaching heights of 65-90cm. St Bernard’s have an average lifespan of between 8-10 years and they are a relatively healthy breed. Of course, due to their size they do have some issues with hip and elbow dysplasia.

10db7d31b07272343588e1eb32d6b904--saint-bernard-puppies-saint-bernard-dog.jpgThe St Bernard is a moderately intelligent breed that is quick to learn. However, because of this intelligence it is also easy for them to pick up bad habits so a confident and consistent trainer is required. Also, correct socialisation is needed when the St Bernard is a puppy or there is a risk of aggression in later life.

If the correct training and socialisation is undertaken then the St Bernard is sweet natured and patient and makes the perfect family pet. They form incredibly strong bonds with their owners and unfortunately this means they can develop separation anxiety. However, if handled correctly St Bernard’s can tolerate a reasonable amount of time on their own.

St Bernard’s are immensely strong and require enough room to live. They shed throughout the year and drool a lot. Because of their sheer size and grooming needs St Bernard’s are quite expensive to keep.

Saint-Bernard-Puppies.jpgI hope this post helps in your decision to adopt a St Bernard into your family. If you need any owning or training advice please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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