All About Reindeer

(Rangifer tarandus)


  • animals_hero_reindeer.jpgAlso known as Caribou.
  • 2890400 mature individuals remaining in the wild.
  • Decreasing population trend.
  • Competition with domesticated Reindeer and unregulated hunted are causing threats to wild Reindeer.
  • Have several adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive in a tundra environment:
    • Reindeer have unique bone structures inside their noses which enable their nostrils to open wide, warming cold air before it enters the lungs.
    • Due to less than adequate eyesight, reindeer have found other ways to stay in touch with their herds in blizzard conditions. For example, their leg tendons snap when they walk resulting in a clicking sound.
  • Reindeer are the only species of mammal where both the male and female grow antlers.
  • They are also the only mammal with antlers that are capable of regenerating.
  • Male Reindeer shed their antlers each winter to allow for larger regrowth for the following spring. Whereas, female Reindeer shed their antlers in the spring. Therefore, all of Santa’s Reindeer would technically be female.
  • Reindeer are believed to be the only mammal that can see UV light.
  • They can run at speeds of up to 45mph.



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