UK Pet Friendly Holidays: Dumfries

Friars-Carse-Hotel-exteriorFriars Carse Country House Hotel is a lovely, historic manor house that has undergone a modernisation of its rooms and is my top recommendation for a dog friendly holiday in Southern Scotland. Friars Carse is popular for fishing enthusiasts as it sits on the lovely River Nith.

friars-carse-country-1There are also plenty of grounds for dogs to roam in and although not all the rooms are dog friendly, there are a select of pet friendly rooms so you’ll be sure to find a room to spend your holiday in.

main20The manager of the hotel is such an amazing man who will personally go above and beyond in order to make sure you have the best possible holiday that you could have.

main10And for all the lovers, Dumfries is a short drive away from the historically famous Gretna Green if anyone is planning on eloping!

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UK Pet Friendly Holidays: Lake District


With over 2,000 km² of open space and fields the Lake District is a perfect place for any pooches who love to wander. There’s plenty of activities for adults, kids and pets in the Lake District so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a nice escape to the country.


The Lake District in the North of the England so the weather can never be guaranteed. But even if the weather is a bit depressing, there are still plenty of quaint British pubs to enjoy a lunch out with your family and furry friends with both plenty of indoor and outdoor eating areas that are dog friendly.

lake-district-walk-ALAMY-TRAVEL-xlargeThere are plenty of dog and pet friendly hotels, camping and even glamping sites located in the Lake District so you’ll never be short of a nice place to stay with your furry best friend. Perhaps the best thing about the Lake District is the breathtaking views that you’ll remember for a lifetime, and if you are budding photographer or birdwatcher then there is probably no better location to follow these passions.


Also, for all us Brits who have never seen our island’s resident Red Squirrel, the Lake District is one of the best places to witness these animals still surviving in the wild (although maybe keep your dog away from them).

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UK Pet Friendly Holidays: Dawlish

For the first post of this website, I thought I’d start off writing about UK pet friendly holidays. I am going to be posting different kinds of travel and animal related posts but I thought I’d start the blog with one of my favourite places.

I’ve been visiting Dawlish every year since being born. To start off with it’s such a beautiful place, whether it’s the Dawlish town centre itself or whether it’s the beach front.


In recent years since getting my dog, I have continued to take a holiday here each year. I do stay in a caravan or a lodge on the Welcome Family Holiday Park but there are many dog friendly ones available and they always fill up quickly especially for the busy periods of the year.

When out and about with my dog, you quickly realise just how many people take their dogs with them to Dawlish. Cafes and pubs and restaurants are all dog friendly as there is simply that many dog owners on holiday down there; and even with my slightly psychopathic and wants to eat everybody dog, all the business owners are extremely accommodating for dogs and other pets.

Dawlish is definitely my top recommendation for a UK pet friendly holiday. You won’t always be guaranteed sun but you will be guaranteed a good time.

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