Animals You May Not Have Heard About: Maned Wolf

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ab833056118095e446bad796b2627050--maned-wolf-rainforests.jpgThe Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America which slightly resembles a red fox. Despite its appearance and its name, the Maned Wolf is neither wolf nor fox and is also not closely related to any other canids. The Maned Wolf is in fact the only species in the genus Chrysocyon; which means ‘golden dog’. Maned Wolves are the tallest of all living canids, with reddish brown fur and long black legs with a black mane.

Maned WolfThe Maned Wolf can be found in the lowland grassland and scrubland of Central and South America, with around 17000 mature individuals in the wild. The IUCN Red List now classifies the Maned Wolf as Near Threatened and the species is at risk from four major threats.

  1. maned-wolfHabitat loss
  2. Human persecution
  3. Road traffic accidents
  4. Pathogens from domestic animals

There are several conservation projects aimed at saving the Maned Wolf from a further demise. Click here to read more about these projects.


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